Pictures for lonely people.

As the crow flies.

I always knew he’d build it.

Mr Bee. 

Little Sparrow

Tralfamadore loves you, in progress.

Tralfamadore loves you. So it goes.

jackaalope asked:
Wow. Wow. Wow. This blog is fucking gorgeous.

Hey, thank you.

Beauty is such an energetic fluid thing.

We can see it around us and take it and morph it into new things and new forms, but it’s never ours to keep, it’s always just borrowed.

No art is beautiful until it’s passed on to other people…until someone else sees it and has that reaction, it’s just a grey lifeless thing, waiting to be discovered.

So thank you for looking and making my creations gorgeous. Until you looked they were just dreams in my head and empty pixels on a screen.

Double shank biwa pearl ring.

These pearls are so beautiful, I’m having trouble letting them go from my stash.

The psychedelic lizards are coming. 

'Keepers of the well'

The Keepers of the Well.

Inking done, Colour comes tomorrow!

And just like that, she woke up.

Mandala part three.

2 hours of planning / laying out, 6 and a half hours of inking, and it’s still nowhere near finished.

I think the anonymous requester that asked me to draw a mandala should own up! :)

Mandala,  part two. It grows :)

I did promise. Mandala part one. Ink comes next, lots of ink. 

Black pearl and CZ ring, handmade and set in sterling silver.